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Take time out to breathe and give yourself, a relaxing break, for personal well-being 

Inspired by our far-flung natural environment, The Breath of Zen offers top quality services for relaxing, soothing and calming therapies. All products used in our treatments are organic and made from natural ingredients.

We request that you arrive 5 minutes before your treatment time. Should you arrive late for your appointment, we are obliged to reduce the length of your treatment time, so as not to inconvenience our other customers.

For all cancellations, please notify us 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged for the total price of your treatment.

The treatment provided in our Spa are reserved for customers in good health if in doubt, please consult your doctor before booking a treatment.

The spa is not a medical clinic and all treatments offered are for well-being only.

Prior to any treatment, please inform us of any health problems,allergies or injuries and let us know if you are in pregnant, great-feeding or undergoing any medical treatment. soin-du-visage-ch
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